What's New at Blacet Research: Spring 2015

PS800 Standalone Power Supply and Basic RAK-2 Frame
+15V/-15V @ 800/800 Ma
Worldwide power with no adjustment. More power, less weight. More efficient and "Green".
For DIY boxes or fits back of original Raks for PS505 replacement.
Use with distribution boards such as PSCONN3.

We also now stock basic RAK frames for your DIY box or 19" rack mount.

See the online order page.

Euro to Frac Conversion Kits
For the Synth Tech 340, 350, 355, 560, 580.
If you have a Euro unit it is simple to convert it to Frac!
See the online order page.

New Design for the VCO2100
Same great circuitry, less depth (4.5" max), PCB mount jacks.
In stock.

PSCONN3 Now Available
Eighteen connectors. Uses standard module cable to connect to the power supply. See the online order page.

New Rak-2 Module Mounting Cases
After 10+ years, it's time for a redesign from the rather basic Rak.

The good news is that we now can offer a much nicer system with room for twice as many modules and 60% more power for $23 *less* than the equivalent in old Rak parts, PS505 and PSCONN2!

The new power supply is ultra green; every little bit helps the environment.

Plus, we shaved 1.5" off the depth while retaining the ability to mount all those older, longer modules.

And, the new unit weighs 3 lbs vs the old rak equivalent of 4.25 lbs.

Those of you that wanted a power switch will be happy to see one on the rear. The power supply will work in any country with no adjustments; just plug in the correct IEC power cord. Plus, you can now use a 9" or 12" module cable instead of the old 18" one due to the central location of the distribution strip.

For $60 more, you can get top and bottom panels, handles and rubber feet for an awesome standalone package.

Cheaper, smaller, lighter, more power, more convenient and sexy to boot!

Pictures on the main page.

In stock.

I've had the opportunity to check out some of Synthesis Technology's new DSP modules.
They are nice and compact, have interesting features hard to implement in a totally analog fashion and they sound very nice.
They already come with a Blacet/MOTM standard power connector (as well as a Euro connector).
We've designed a Frac front panel and added appropriate knobs to blend in with the rest of your Frac gear.
Order today!

F340 Cloud Generator
F350 Morphing Terrarium
F355 Morphing Dual LFO
F560 Deflector Shield
F580 Resampling Mini-Delay

These are BTO (built to order) in batches using automated surface mount assembly equipment in Texas.

Look for these on our store page.

Several new modules: