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EG2070 VC ADSR Bare PCBs/Parts

Leftovers from the final run of this very popular module.
PCB is 6" x 4.22".

Bare PCB. Includes printed Manual:  $20
Parts Kit A: Includes all on board parts except pots: $89
Parts Kit B: Pots, knobs, switch. Jacks not included (see BOM for Mouser part number): $12
Parts Kit A
Parts Kit B

WC2700 Window Comparator Bare PCBs
Leftovers from final run. Includes Manual.

Bare PCB $20

ICs: All ICs are DIP package and new.


4013       $0.29 each
4024         0.39
4040         0.39
4046         0.39
4069         0.39
4518         0.39
40106       0.39

LM3900    0.39
CA3046     2.75
MPQ3906  4.10
AD633       10
LTC1062    4
LTC1063    7

DIY Panels: 1.5" Wide
Could be useful for simple projects. Predrilled with 5 .250, 1 .375 and 3 .125 holes.
$2 each

RAK-2 Cover Kit
Top and bottom covers for RAK-2. Includes hardware and rubber feet.
Installation video

$29  (4 left)