Improbability Drive 2510 

Noise and Uncertainty Generator
  • Analog White Noise
  • Digital Noise with VC Level and Width (Window Comparator)
  • VC BP or LP Filter
  • Noise Mixer with Output
  • VC Sample Hold Clock
  • External S/H Clock Input
  • Built in Digital S/H & Quantizer
  • Separate White, Digital, S/H, and Quantized Outputs

"Thanks for all your hard work!  The Improbability Drive is a brilliant module, and once again, you've delivered great surprises on a tight schedule." -- RT
"Yesterday i got the improbability drive module.
i played around with it for two hours and had
lots of fun. It's my new favorite noise module.
so many possibilities, it's a true blacet.
well done, john." -- IZ

"Finished my ID on Friday -
very VERY nice!" --MM

YouTube video by Steve Learner:
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