Filthy Filtre 2310: Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter 

Start with the highly useful, open sounding classic State Variable Filter Design.
Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Notch and All Pass (phase shift) responses all simultaneously available.
Add very agressive Voltage Controlled Q with two "Filthy" settings.
Add Voltage Controlled Mode selection with "switching" or "morphing" transitions.
Add a handy bipolar Modulation Attenuator with switchable destination.
Finish the design with our high quality, low noise OTAs providing exponential frequency control and linear Q control.
The result is the perfect "must have" compliment to our "Final Filtre".

Sample 0: Basic Low Pass
Sample 1: Extreme Q
Sample 2: Modulation with same VCO, different wave

  • 12 dB State Variable design
  • Voltage control of frequency and Q
  • Two position Q switch: "Filthy: X10, X100"
  • +/- CV mod attenuator with switchable destination: Freq or Q
  • VC mode select: switch or morph (LP, BP, HP, All Pass)!
  • Plus separate mode outs: LP, BP, HP, Notch


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