EG1 2070: Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator, LFO 

  • Wide Range Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator 
  • 600µS to 1 Hour
  • Five Time Base Ranges selectable with VC
  • AD (Attack/Decay), Triggered. Sustain Control acts as bias.
  • ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Gated
  • LFO, Full control of Attack and Decay ramps. Gated with Semi Chaotic Release Time
  • Output Level LED (Red)
  • Time Base LED (Green) Blinks at slower rates for longer TBs
  • Normal Output with Attenuator
  • Inverted, Positive Output (non-attenuated)
  • Output Level trimmer for 1V to 10V Span
  • PCB point for optional full, non-attenuated output
  • Power Supplies: +/-15Vdc regulated (+41, -22 mA).  (Blacet and MOTM compatible).
  • Mounting: Frac Rack
  • Size: FP: 3" x 5.25". Depth: 6"

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