DIY Specials

Look here for bare boards, etc of interest to do it yourself modular builders who make custom modules.

These products require more work and knowledge of electronics than our regular kits. Support and repair service may not be available; recommended for experienced builders!

Time Machine Kit
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Frac Version shown completed.

Very, very Limited Run of Time Machine Kits.
(One per customer, please.)

LESS MN3005 and front panel.  (Front Panel drawing here.)

If you have a MN3005 in your parts box, all the better. If not, beware the cheap ones offered on ebay. They are fakes. A couple ebay sources have genuine ICs and were about $40 each. We ordered from them and got real MN3005s.
They are synthcube (USA) and funkward-tech (China).

Tested MN3005 IC (Sold only with kit below): $49 
Full Kit: $210
Knob Pointer Color

Special Purchase, Quantites Limited

Filthy Filtre 2310 Bare PCB
Classic state variable filter design for serious DIYers:

(PCB shown assembled. Parts not included with bare PCB. Complete kit available on our Main Order Page.)

Dual Panasonic Pots

12mm dual 50K linear with  6mm "D" shaft. No detent. Similar to Panasonic EVJ-C51F02B503. Advised for .062 thick panels.

We had these custom made and they are not available elsewhere.

See Digi-Key or Panasonic web site for more info.

Fresh stock! $2.50 each. Order. (Minimum 5 pcs)

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