Binary Zone 2300: Complex Control Voltage Generator 

Inspired by the legendary Blacet Digital Pattern Generator, the BZ is a considerably advanced "fun" module. It's ideally suited to the creation of complex modulation CVs via a curiously simple and rhythmic user interface.
  • Built in wide range clock with LED
  • Clock In accepts almost any wave form including audio frequencies
  • Two Clock Outs (one with narrow pulse)
  • Six octave based controls with +/- swings (center off) allow up to 64 step patterns ranging up to +/-10V
  • Four step Lag processor push button
  • Normal and Inverted outs 
  • Handy Range Switch (+/-2V, +/-5V, +/-10V)
  • Gate In for external control. (Normalled to run continuously) Also excepts a Reset pulse
  • Use for complex CV generation, audio frequency division, gate generation
  • Use for note sequences especially with a quantizer such as the MW (Precise control of each note is not practical but the results are still quite useful)
  • Sample (BZ driving Blacet VCO VC wave with Clock Out driving VC Wave CV. X10 Lag and Range switch toggled from X1 to X2.5.)
  • Sample (BZ driving  VCO thru MW in quantizer mode)
  • Sample (something quite different from Pete G.)
  • More samples featuring filter modulation, etc.

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